About This Course

From Yodo1, the publishers of hit games like Rodeo Stampede and Transformers: Earth Wars, comes ASO from the Ground Up.

Yodo1's growth team are the experts on ASO for mobile, and now that expertise is available to you. 

Building a great game is only one step along the path to success. Strong App Store Optimization can give your game a huge advantage in the rankings, at no cost. This course will teach you everything you need to ranker higher and get more downloads.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    ASO Groundwork

    • Course Introduction

    • A Few Quick Questions

    • Three Pillars of a Strong Game

    • Defining ASO

    • Why does ASO matter?

    • Three Principles of ASO

  • 2

    Mastering On-site ASO

    • Basic Overview of On-site ASO

    • Title and Subtitle

    • Game Icon

    • Game Description

    • Creatives

    • Reviews

  • 3

    Keeping Your Game on Top

    • Updates

  • 4

    Building a Global Playerbase with Localization

    • Overview of Localization

    • Keys to Localization

  • 5

    Tackling Advanced ASO

    • Off-site ASO

    • How to Get a Feature

  • 6

    What's next on your ASO journey?

    • Course Wrap-up

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IP Licensing Manager

Nir Ben David

A pro in the mobile gaming industry with an extensive background in mobile game marketing, monetization, and ASO. Nir has extensive experience in monetization and IP licensing, helping the most exciting entertainment IPs work together with global gaming hits worldwide.