About This Course

A balanced game economy means deeply understanding your audience, and how different monetization strategies can be woven together so that the player experience is just as good as, if not better than, a game with no monetization. Even interstitial ads? Yes, even those! 

In this course, we will explore some key questions: 

  • What monetization strategies are available? 
  • Which strategies are best for different genres?
  • How can I include multiple strategies in one game?
  • How can I implement and optimize compelling IAPs?
  • Which ad types are right for me? 
  • How can I measure my performance and iterate?
  • When and how should I use memberships? 
  • And much more!

Along with this course, you’ll have access to the experts at Yodo1 to answer all the questions you may have about creating a perfect monetization strategy for your game.

Good luck in the course!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Big Picture

    • Ways to Monetize Your Game

    • Are paid mobile games still viable?

  • 2

    In-app Purchases

    • Implementing IAPs

    • Metrics | How to Know If Your IAPs are Working

  • 3

    Implementing Ads

    • In-app Ad Types

    • Implementing Rewarded Video Ads in Your Game

    • Using Interstitial Ads in Your Game

    • Game Economy Case Study: Rodeo Stampede


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